Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March 21, 2007

um............... well, not much happened today, i was in a preppy mood as usual(most of the time). Our scedual is backwords, so i had math first!!!! it was sooo much better than having it last!! now i get y we always get the worse grades and period one gets the highest grades!~~!! then i had typing class............... can i geta BORING!! we sat there and couldn't tlk cause of a sub!! even though it was MS.Miles, as you might know her, she is pretty strict, but kinda fun !!! Then i went to spanish, another class a hate!! we didn't do that much actually, all we did was review for a exam wwe have tomarrow!! ahhhhhh!!~~!! i better study after this!~~~!!! then we had lunch, just like a good girl, i went in for a math review with mr.bortz!!!i should ACE this quiz!!! i know every hting that is going to be on ti, and know how to do everything !!! isen't that justr amazongg!! well yeh, then i had science!!! this is rly funny so i walk into class, ans i go to my seat which is in back, the last row! while i was passing by ppl, Aaron tries to get through the same time as Dara, so when aaron sqeezes by, dara kicks him!!! so then he says to me, she kicks because she tinks she is strong!! and i though it was me he was tlking bout, so i odviously get mad, !! then i clear it up,(even though i do kick ppl), so dara is looking at the lizard behind me. She keeps looking at it, very closly, so i go up to her and say, dara no matter how long you stare at it you will nvr make fire, and let it go,kk!!! LOL, that was rly funny!!

Then i went to gym, onr my my favorite classes!!! we played flag football again!! we lost again, although it was rly fun, even Megan agreed with me!!

(she hates the game). We had this one play where Megan was goin to say cheese and we wuld all run, so she yells I HAVE AN ANNOUNCMENT!! I LOVE CHEESE, and we all start running, but no one was left to gaurd, so they ran back with our flag and won!! ughhhh!! but it was rly rly FUN!!! then i went to s/s, we played another stimulation game!!! i won with holly and Ethan L., then we picked 2 other ppl. THen we were the police in the next game, how sweet it that!??? Then i go tyo english, i was going to fall asleep, we analize the King's speech!! how boring, we read it then find things in it!!! does she rly tinks this is funn 4 us???? well it's not!!!!!!1 it's torture!!!!!!!!!!! it rly is........ugh,, then i went to the club, not much fun. THen i went to piano, that was my last time goin caus ei wanted to quite, and the teacher was to harsh, she kept asking all these questons, and tlking, and i was like, ummmm i just lost my interesr. See my mom wrote a note saying thisa is my last lesson, but now she wants my mom to call her!!!! she says i can't just write a noter, and leave forever!!! and i was like yehhh yes i can, and i will!! plus she has plenty of time to get another person, i woun't come next week cause of outrdoor ed, then it;s easter, so like 2-3 weeks she has, that a LOT!!! then i went hom.......did my homework, and nowim taking a break form studing 4 my tests!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ leave comments, advice, anything you want, even messages for mr if you want......well av wa!! (french for good bye)

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