Wednesday, March 21, 2007

One of my good days!!~~!! Tuesday March 20

OMG i had the best day ever, ask me y!! and i won't say!!!!!! but it was one of my good days, although i have good days often, like most days~~ but this one was particulary great~~ so in english um.........can i get a boring!! i mean who cares bout martin luther king"???? this speach happened a long tinme ago, i know the speach is like, or gave ppl freedom, but this happened in the past!!!! for cri'in out loud!! y shul we have to listen to, in our time ppl already have rights!! Now social studies.......nothin much, just Eathan L. got a hair cut, and we played this rly weird stimulation game, but itw as good cause i was pared up w/ Holly. Then science, last night i copied the data from Sayeh, thank god!! we had a BCR where we had to give examples........Then lunch i played B>S>, then in gym we played capture the flag. Our team lost but it was a fun game~!!! see no one in our team would run across, we would just do defence so.......then spanish, well i usually HATE sapnish but today it went pretty fast, we cheacked over our quizzez, i odviously got a B. Then typing class, a class i can relax in, and tlk 2 ppl!!!! Then we go to math with mr.bortz. We are in our "algebra"unit, i hate equation, cause of laws of expotents. I wasn't here for the lessons on it, i was in ROME!!! having fun!~~!! yeh, but today we did 4 step let statements which i LOVE to do!!!! seriously i LUV them, once we did that we started our HW with a partner. I worked with Peyton, like we always do:) i LUV peyton also......she is totally awesome!! but she kinda got mad at me 4 going ahead cause she doesn't write fast enogh!!~ not my falt, so she keppt taking my paper away. But we got done 1/4 of our HW, so yay for us!!! then on the bus, I WISH I HAD MY ZUNE, one of thee more boring rides, although we did have a sub, who was rly young, and tlked to us!! besides that i tlked to niki a lot, and was evesdroppping the th pervs conversation,!!!! lol,this is Ashley saying goodnight and goodbye, adios, avwa, cho, im going to sleep to wake up to another great day like today(even though you might think today wasn't a great day in my view, but it was) i just didn't tell or shatre with you all the details!! hehehehehe

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